Magi Aircraft Management provides lease management, technical and remarketing services for investors and lenders in aircraft financing and leasing transactions. Through these services, Magi manages and mitigates risks, protecting residual value.

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Lease Management Services

Magi provides lease management services individually tailored to each Investor/Lender and Lessee/Borrower’s circumstances.

  • Lessee/borrower invoicing and payment monitoring
  • Monitoring lessee/borrower obligations under the transaction
  • Documentation e.g. maintenance, insurance, sub-/wet leasing
  • Preparation of regular reports on the lessee/borrower including the utilisation/maintenance status of the aircraft
  • Periodic aviation market reviews
  • Maintenance of on-going direct relationships with and access to lessee personnel in key areas e.g. engineering, finance, fleet
Magi Lease Management Services ison
Magi Technical Services icon
Magi Technical Services icon

Technical Services

Magi provides bespoke technical reviews and audits, which identify and quantify specific levels of asset, lessee and borrower risks.

  • Aircraft Physical Inspection and Aircraft Records Review
  • Aircraft Delivery, Redelivery and Repossession
  • Certificate of Airworthiness/Airworthiness Review Certificate Recommendations
  • Scanning of Aircraft Records
  • Audit of Maintenance and Repair Organization (“MRO”), Aircraft Manager or Operator
  • Full aircraft lease and loan agreement negotiation including technical, operational and redelivery
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Remarketing Services

Magi has a deep understanding of the aircraft leasing market and has long-standing relationships, at multiple levels, within airlines globally.

  • Standby remarketing support
  • Identification and execution of potential sales and leasing opportunities
  • Aircraft sales and leasing
  • Ongoing collation of market data and trends
  • Aircraft acquisitions
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